I ♥ Super Mario

I just can’t help but smile every time I watch this. 🙂 I miss playing Super Mario! It has been one of my all-time-favorite game as a kid, way back when we still have the old Nintendo or Family Computer console then it evolved to Sega (did it have Super Mario on Sega?? I can’t remember). Then there was Super Nintendo. I would always love Super Mario 3 though, and I vividly remember playing it with Kuya Anton whom I had bestowed the title “Favorite Kuya” 😀 That’s one of the indications that I grew up playing with boys; a situation given that I only have 1 girl cousin on each side of the family back then.

Pausing on childhood stories haha here’s another Super Mario remembrance that I came across just yesterday which kept me busy for around an hour or so. The game I think has unlimited lives, a heads up given that it is hard hahahaa. It shall test not only your game tactic skills but all your patience and perseverance on how to finish a game that doesn’t seem to want to be finished.



8 thoughts on “I ♥ Super Mario

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