Emotion overload

**Disclaimer: Most oftentimes these days, this blog shall literally be my pensieve ala Dumbledore.

I was so pumped up to do another marathon of Big Bang Theory when you texted. Forgiveness is easy to give when you know you just have to sleep it off. For some reason, seeing up pop back there made me too sleepy. Sudden rush of emotions and energy, sudden jump at the sound of my phone. Tch. Confusing feelings.

What are we? Undefined. Well I don’t really want to define it just yet but still, it’s confusing how thing are between us. Would giving up and just letting it go, the first option? There are times when it’s just too tiring. Too tiring in a way that I don’t know what I want anymore. Do I want in? Heck, what a question. Then again, maybe that is the real question. Do I really want this as much as I had always do? You’re always giving off mixed and complicated signals that I don’t know whether to hold on still or just let go. You told me you just needed time to think. Okay, time and space are yours. Heck, the whole outer universe. Har. SIGH. There are times when it’s just too draining. I want to move forward. With you. And yet, wherever we turn, we end up going in circles not knowing what to do and where we are. Sometimes or maybe most of the time, you’re too misleading. You drag my feelings here and there then leave me hanging. TCH. BAKA.

I’m too sleepy to even continue typing. I don’t understand you.


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