Positive Monday

I wouldn’t really say it was a Manic Monday again; I was able to do most of the things I had scheduled for me to finish. So a star for me on that. There would still be hindrances for a totally happy day but manageable by some pizza and of course what I had been waiting for for a long while now– a manicure and pedicure. Much needed since my nails looks crazy already. I still haven’t gotten rid of my bad habit of nipping the edges off, tch. Ouch for most people but I really can’t fight it LOL. And that’s why I always have a nail cutter and a lotion at hand, and I mean ALWAYS. 🙂

Anyway, Tinapers and I got our nails done today even if it was a really long wait since we already missed out our appointment. I was already nagging Mom to come since Saturday but she’s too lazy to do so, LOL. As we were having our nails cleaned while I was getting a lecture regarding my hang nails and all, in between, the Ates doing our nails were having their own chit-chat.

Ate 1: Ikaw naman ang nirerequest talaga noon, hindi ako. [referring to a customer she just finished]
Ate 2: Kahit na, ikaw na ang gumagawa sa kanya dapat ginawa mo na lang ang best mo.
Ate 1: Pero ikaw naman ang may kaya ng ganon. [something about removing ingrown nails I think?]
Ate 2: Kahit na parin, wag kayong magpapaapekto sa mga sinasabi ng customer. Basta gawin mo kung ano yung dapat mong gawin. Wag mo ipapakita na naoffend ka. Pag-ginawa mo na yung best mo pero di parin, saka mo lang dapat ako tatawagin.

I smiled. Everyone really has their own work problems. What may seem simple from our point of view, may already seem big to them. Likewise, what we may be complaining as the end-of-the-world-trouble already may seem nothing to others who do not understand how it goes. There are people who see our work as easy when in fact, there are times we feel like our hair has already fallen off due to the amount of stress brought about by the stuff you have to do and think of.

As simple as a manicure of pedicure moment like that is a reminder that really, we cannot please everybody but that doesn’t mean we have to give up. There would always by the ups and downs at the workplace but we shall take these only as challenges and opportunities not obstacles that comes our way. Everyday would be hard if we expect it to be like that. Indeed being positive goes a long way. I just hope we continue to go in this direction. Oh, so help me God, is all that I can say.

And at the end of the day, as my previous boss always say, “Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.” Thanks Ms. Vicky, I did learn a lot from you. 🙂

And at the end of my day, I got maroon nails and happy feet! 😀

“This is what happens. We are all sending out into the Universe a stream of thought; the clearer it is, the better it will manifest; if it becomes doubtful it will not have so clear a manifestation. If it is confused it will manifest only confusion. All this is according to the Law of Cause and Effect, and we cannot change Law. Too often, when we tell our friends what we are going to do, they confuse our thought by laughing about it, of doubting our capacity to do such large a thing. Of course this would not happen if it we were always positive, but when we become the least bit negative it will react and we will lose that power of clearness which is absolutely necessary to do good creative work.

When you want to do a big thing, get the mental pattern, make it perfect, know just what it means, enlarge your thought, keep it to yourself, pass it over to the Creative Power behind all things, wait and listen, and when the impression comes, follow it with assurance. Don’t talk to anyone about it. Never listen to negative talk or pay attention to it and you will succeed where all others fail.”

~Ernest Holmes, author of “The Science of Mind”


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