Need a break? Have a KitKat.

I wish it was that simple. I am more mentally and emotionally tired now than I am physically. I don’t normally breakdown unless it’s an exaggerated case I just noticed that it happened more than once these past weeks now. There are times when even as someone as patient as me can crumble and keep silent. I normally de-stress myself by verbally releasing it through endless complaints, LOL, but yeah it does help, but there are times when even the most hateful word can’t do the job well.

I want to get out. I want to move away. I need a f*ckn break. I can’t even compose the words right to describe how tired I am. We all are. I know it just ain’t me. It’s when you know you’re working your ass off and yet, it’s still not enough. Parang love life lang?? Sigh. Oh well. We can’t please everyone and we would never be good enough for everyone. A fact. And I can just keep on rambling about how tired I am but nothing would chance except the time, the date and what I’d be wearing next–my jamies, for I just have to sleep it off.

Good night.

Oh, in spite of all these crap or should I just call them challenges and obstacles in life, there would always be people who make it lighter one way or the other: mga pek, day in, day out, dapat kanya-kanyang moment lang yan; my girls and my kupo whom I could vent out whatever crap I am feeling without her really seeing what happened and yet it’s okay; my boys, LOL last gimik has been weeks ago and yet there’d still be the occasional, what’s up; Home, it’s automatic that once I get home, I would feel a sigh of relief; You, for whatever it is that makes me smile. 🙂


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