Crappy day turned nice by some Stripes

YAY! After much coercing that I take it (and that was after much staring at it), Mom got me shoes today 😀 Unplanned since we only met to buy Dwayne’s shoes after school but as stuff were on sale, it’s hard to resist LOL. Especially if you do not pay it on cash hahaha.

I was having a bad day. Bad meaning dull, cluttered and somewhat lifeless. I was stressing over numerous thoughts in my head that I cannot even seem to pick out and list them one by one for me to calm down. Internal and external issues. I was literally having headaches from thinking too much lately. And this is a busy week for us at work since there are two events scheduled. So as Eppie was asking me over and over what can calm me down and take away my stress, I kept on saying, “Nothing,” even if we both knew what I was thinking of answering. But then again, how can something calm you down when it’s not even there? Thus, you resort to another option; something tangible and could easily make you smile because of the fact that it is there. SHOES. 🙂

I semi-squealed when I saw this since I haven’t bought rubber shoes for a really long while now. I buy office footwear or chucks and sneakers but not like this. 🙂 When the salesman said that it’s for kids, I just laughed and said that it’ll fit nonetheless. I didn’t want to buy it since I have a parlor time in mind scheduled for this payday LOL. I wasn’t asking Mom to buy it for me at first since I know I didn’t need to, but then, who doesn’t try to get their way? Haha. In the end, she bought it for me. Weeeeee~ 😀

Crappy turned nice. See, every bad thing comes to and end one way or the other. Thanks Ma! ❤

Oh, and here’s the other new shoes that made my day last month. LOL. I always forget to post it. I bought it especially because we’ll be having a new uniform and they said it’s Red but when I saw it, tch it’s not really red. Oh well, at least I got a new girly shoes. 😀

Hrhr. I had an entire blog with explanation about shoes? LOL. 😀


2 thoughts on “Crappy day turned nice by some Stripes

    • HAhaha bakit naman pati shoes ko napanaginipan mo? :))
      Cute nga nung wedge pero di ko parin masaktuhan kung pano sya isusuot kasi medyo malaki sakin hahahaa

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