The Last Day I was 24

They say that Rain symbolizes renewal, cleansing, a blessing or a metaphor for the origin of life. At least, that’s how I chose to perceive it. The cloud formation which signals that it’s going to rain and the first droplets of rain is enough to make me smile; of course, plus the cool weather that goes with it. Thus, I was all giddy when we heard that there was a storm brewing. Typhoon Basyang was never predicted to hit Manila so we know we would just be having cool nights and days because of it.

Landfall was around noon on July 13. We thought that was it, we just experienced some rains as it would move towards Central Luzon. But came July 14, rough winds and rains clashed Luzon. Thus, power was out and water supply wasn’t normal, too. Still we came to the office the next morning seeing that trees and all things that can fall down had fallen and many establishments were flooded in.

There are some who lets their birthdays pass by with simply the thought of celebrating it for the heck of it. I’m the type who cannot stop thinking back what I did over the past year and mulling over it. Not to worry, I always come to the conclusion each year that I was happy despite whatever complication had gone by. As if a storm can stop my nature of being adventurous and would not stay in one place, I was still adamant in celebrating the last day that I was 24. And so, I did.

Power was out in town, so go to the next one! LOL. I was telling my friends that no matter how late I can go out, I will still go out. Simple dinner and endless stories are enough to make the day despite the scenario all over. Time would always be among the best gifts I could receive (a dSLR would easily top that haha! Attention: DAD!).

Hours pass by and I know no matter who I’m with, I would want to be home by the time the clock strikes 12. I was thinking what happened last year at that point in time: I was online and Plurk and Flickr friends were waiting for the midnight to strike (Philippine time) so they can greet me. See last year’s birthday midnight post. And I got a Flickr front page explore too. Ah, I miss that. I wasn’t even able to upload anything on my birthday or even before or after this year. Soon guys, wait for it.

And so there it is, the last day was cool, figuratively and literally, yet warm, still figuratively and literally. 🙂

photo from my Uncle who predicted that the storm indeed would hit Manila and I was teasing him of being too emo about the storm on the eve that it hit us. LOL.


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