Tweet: July 12 – Cabana Shooting day

At 2pm we were just finish with those red dots. RAR. And we had to finish everything on that menu board. Oh, I wasn't able to take a photo of the whole list so...that's not entirely it.

Over Tweets today…

  • 01:53 At work pa. Wow. 😦 #
  • 02:04 *Text ka pagnakauwi ka na ha* is better than good night. >_< #
  • 02:04 Still at work, btw. TIIIIRED. #
  • 16:51 You have been improving your strategy and are ready to make a … More for Cancer #
  • 18:41 Wag magpatalo sa selos :)) #
  • 19:27 Nakakatuwa pag-inis na inis na sya sa lahat at ikaw ang kinakausap niya tungkol dito. ;p #
  • 21:18 On Losing Something and Finding It: #

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