On Losing Something and Finding It

I lost something before I had the chance to have it as mine, does that still count as something that I lost?

Where Hearts Meet – Mono Redux

It’s that something that would make you smile every time you space out.

It’s that something that act as your vitamins when everything is stressing you out.

It’s something that gives you the boost when you’re working at 3 in the morning.

It’s something that would make you want to risk falling flat and hurting yourself from the fall.

It’s something that makes you unreasonable at the same time totally sane since your friends have been telling you to just leave it as as lost case but you continue on being hard-headed.

It’s something that surprises you by turning up with you forcing yourself to really try not to find it. And with that, what would you do but try to hold on to it before losing it again.


4 thoughts on “On Losing Something and Finding It

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