Food Photography Tips

I have been searching the web all day for tips and tricks regarding food photography. Aside from making me hungry, one way or another I learned some bits and pieces. I hope that our shoot tomorrow will go great. Rar. Let the rain stop for tomorrow, plz? 🙂
  1. DPS’ Food Photography – An Introduction – I like this. 8 real tips that beginner food photographers need to remember.
  2. DPS’ Food Photography Techniques and Tips – Short and quick tips.
  3. DPS’ Food Photography Tutorials – This includes three videos showing studio set up and preparation plus wacky tips from Sjan. LOL.
  4. The Ten Tastiest Food Photography Tips – Food has an agenda. It wants you to eat it, and it wants you to eat it now.
  5. 15 Food Photography Tips – Food photography is a great way to get started with photographing still life. With opportunities to shoot literally hundreds of different subjects, you can create lots of different looks fairly easily. And the biggest bonus? You get to eat the subjects when you’re done!

And for inspiration and samples of Food porn (BEWARE: It’s salivating.) 😀


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