Rest day

I had my rest day today and even if it was supposed to be a “rest day” I chose to spend it outside with friends! 🙂

It’s during those days when every single moment counts and every single detail is marked on your memory. Every smile, every laughter brought about by weird scenarios would always be remembered. Things might not go my way, I know, but during moments like these, all I can think of is being happy and enjoying every single minute that I can.

Consequently, as Jollibee says, “Be happy!” And I know we were.

The day didn’t end that time, Emomot treated me for a few drinks and more stories. After 7mos of not seeing each other after fateful day, I was just too happy to go out even if it was already late. There are relationships which are just destined to just remain platonic and nothing more. And so we are. I remembered how nice it was to be with him and how secured I was when we were together; brought about by his super bigger than me built, when I’m with him, there would always be that comforting feeling that nothing or no one can hurt me. 🙂

Over Tweets today…

  • 16:47 Although you are driven to express yourself today, you aren’t … More for Cancer #
  • 20:06 Minsan hindi ibig sabihin ng pahinga ay nasa bahay ka lang at matutulog. #
  • 20:45 Watching 17 Again :): #

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