Proposal Daisakusen: Operation Love – プロポーズ大作戦 Review

I finally finished watching ProDai today after having the series with me for a week. This was the first Yamapi series that I’ve watch and the first series Carmi gave me that I didn’t lost!!! (HOORAY! For some reason really, every time that she gives me a good series to watch I misplace it or the files get lost.) So anyway, I finally finished it with a lighter heart than when I was watching it. 🙂 Hallelujah Chance!!!


The story starts with Iwase Ken making a run for what I thought was the moment of his life – the wedding with his childhood friend, Yoshida Rei. Things turn confusing when upon arriving at the church, he wasn’t the groom. The wedding reception came next with Ken’s face looking sad and gloomy. There was a slide show presented depicting all their childhood memories; a church fairy then appeared and offered him a chance to go back to the past to try to change his relationship with Rei for the better. Thus, with every picture that is shown, Ken goes back to that time until the shot is taken but always failed to express his real feelings to Rei. In the end, he resorted to just trying to make amends in the present. It has a hanging ending though and I can’t wait to watch the SP! 🙂

What do I think?

About Yamashita Tomoshisa, since this was my first time to watch him, first reaction was that of course, he is A-dooorable. There’s that gushing effect every time he twitch his lips whenever he’s uncomfortable or the way his eyes look from behind those bangs. I wasn’t swooning about him like I did with Shin Woo from You’re Beautiful (review here). But I was able to relate to what he was feeling so much that I really feel bad every time an episode would end because he didn’t succeed.

I dunno if it was a good thing that I was feeling exactly the same way or that my situation is somewhat similar (minus the marriage part) because I was really so into the series. But it always leave a bad feeling every time it ends! LOL. So given this weird and awkward and maybe wrong situation that I am in while watching ProDai, it wasn’t a feel-good series to watch. I would have liked a more dramatic tune for the soundtrack too haha. Maybe I was wishing for a “You’re Beautiful” effect for the sounds as well that just during the first few notes, I’d end up crying haha.

Generally, I love the concept. It was like the movie, Jumper wherein he can jump into the photos. It would be nice to have those chances too. 🙂 It was also funny whenever Ken would be shouting “NOOOO!” after each Hallelujah Chance hahhaa.

My Favorite scenes/episodes:

I love Rei’s creativity with her gift though during the first real scene, it is understandable that Ken would not see it since guys don’t usually go into every detail, LOL. But it was really sweet 🙂

Sweet ❤ Who doesn’t love spontaneous kisses? 🙂

This gotta be one if not my most favorite episode 🙂 I so love the 2nd button discussions and how the baseball team gave their managers a graduation and that Ken chose to give the 2nd button of his baseball uniform to Rei. Too sweet. Not surprisingly I was crying all the time while Eri and Rei was. Hahahaha.

On a side note, I was always looking at his hair haha it’s so bouncy yet it looks so dry LOL. And yeah, I know he’s adorable 🙂

“Marry me.” Sigh. There are times when it’s really just a little or too much too late…

There are happier moments that I love too but I’m having trouble searching for screencaps and I’m too lazy to do my own LOL. I love how Tsuru follows Eri around and acts “cool” in his own way and the episode when he was asking Eri to marry him but she only agreed to go out with him and the part when Eri kissed him at the department store hahaha.

For the list of my favorite lines, see here. As I’ve said from the previous blog post, I was so into the lines and the scenarios in the series, I feel like as if the church fairy was talking to me LOL. I wasn’t able to take note of my favorite lines during the last episode since I was too busy wiping my tears. Hahaha. For real. I was really sniffling by the time Ken was done crying at the church.

Episode 10 fave lines:

  • Look for something if there’s nothing! You should keep looking for the door of miracles! “No matter what, I want to chance my fate” Unless you keep wishing for that, the door of miracles will never open for you. The kep to open the door of miracles exists only in your heart.
    • Unexpected good luck might just be happening right before you. There’s just one condition in order to catch hold of that unexpected luck. No matter how much you lament about your bad luck, no matter how bad your mood is, you have to be part of it. This is the first step to opening the door of happiness.
    • So there ya go, I finally finished ProDai. Though, I have yet to watch the SP first before I say I wanna watch it again, because really I felt all the aches that Ken went through hrhrhrhrhr!  Two thumbs up even if it got me bawling (not surprising though, as Carmi said I can usually find something to relate to with every series that I watch hihi).



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