Maturity as defined by Merriam-Webster is the quality or state of being mature; especially full development.

I just read an email from my cousin stating that he’s be moving in with his girlfriend for almost two years. My main reaction was shocked; being the 2nd oldest among us cousins I still don’t see myself doing that. Well, of course given the situation that I “don’t have that somebody”to move in with. But given the scenario that I have, that would still be far from my plans and options. Well, especially since we’re just living near home. Hmm, that would again be another factor–since I am working near home, I wouldn’t be considering that fact no matter how exciting that can be.

I began thinking who’s more mature, me or my cuz? The grown ups, Mom in particular, is against the idea of him living in with his girlfriend. I understand her though. Then again, maybe he is for sticking up to his decision and trying to live literally his own life alone. Hmm. My friend says that it’s not really maturity when you decide to get married or plan a marriage..Hmmm.

I just can’t get it off my mind that my younger cousin is gonna live in with a girl.


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