Ozine Fest 2010

Finally I was able to attend this time! Timing was just right and I was lucky enough that my cousins came along since we didn’t have any plans on the first place. Spontaneous planning 2days before the event thru a wall post only since I was just telling Pochay about it. This has been in my drafts folder ever since and I always forget to publish it completely haha might as well do this now before ToyCon comes in. πŸ™‚

We had our lunch first at KFC since the line was just crazy long. I think this has been the first time in a really long, long while that the three of us were able to go somewhere together. πŸ™‚ I finally got to taste KFC’s chewy cheese that time which I had been craving for for a long time haha!

Then after we headed back to Megatrade Hall to see those Cosplayers and other kawaii items! πŸ™‚ I was supposed to be the one to take care of our entrance but Tito Eric took care of it too, YAY hahahah.

Before anything else, I went to find Hatah Hatah! The online store at Multiply where I bought my Moogle beanies and other hats. πŸ˜€ I bought one for Pochay as a graduation gift and then lent the other to Kaye so we all are wearing face hats πŸ˜€

With Jane, the owner πŸ™‚

There’s everyone πŸ˜€

My simple moogle outfit LOL

Now, time to see the people πŸ˜€

Superduper Cute guy of Get Backers πŸ™‚

Naruto cosplayers, right?
Me and Poch
Pretty girl

Ate and Poch bought colored contacts each worth 750php I think! Ate couldn’t wait until she gets home before trying it hahaha

Blue eyes

Yay for tripods Hahaha

It was a good thing Tito Eric has a tripod with him LOL!

The girls πŸ™‚
Forgot who this is?
Cute outfits

This was the time I realized I haven’t watched any animes for such a long time. I dunno most of the characters! 😦

another cute guy πŸ˜‰

After getting tired of going around and around the Ozine Fest, we got hungry and decided to have dinner at Shakey’s before going home. My treat supposedly this time but Tito Eric paid half of it heheh



We met Carmi and Ezra there too (pics to follow hihi). It was pure fun seeing all those people dressed like that without caring how they look like. Carmi was asking if I got shocked with the culture and how the kids are like that but nah, it was just nice. πŸ™‚ It’s nice to be in a place like that and not care how old you are. I hope to go to the next ToyCon this weekend! πŸ˜€



2 thoughts on “Ozine Fest 2010

    • Hahahaha kasi antok na antok na ako para pumunta sa blog mo para kunin pics natin e =))) blurred kasi yung sakin dba? Haha. At oo pinilit ko nang ipost at toycon na haha!

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