Over Tweets today…

  • 10:56 I’m ready this time, I know that I’m no longer undecided… Don’t wanna be a fool wondering what might have been. πŸ™‚ #
  • 11:35 I didn’t know Swiss Miss with Milo can make me so sleeeeepy. #
  • 16:25 Manang-mana! Hahaha RT @alychamei: cant stop eating. hahahaha :)) #
  • 16:26 30mins more to go and this day is done πŸ™‚ #
  • 16:30 Issues of net worth and self-worth are intertwined now, even i… More for Cancer twittascope.com/?sign=4 #
  • 16:32 A week after: wp.me/pywXS-if #
  • 16:37 LOL someone’s searching for me again. Hrhrhrhr. tweetphoto.com/27314808 #
  • 16:43 Friends are energy boosters: wp.me/pywXS-hl #
  • 19:58 Catching up on photo uploads and blog updates πŸ™‚ #
  • 21:20 Dinner: sinigang na fish! <3 #
  • 21:24 Minsan gusto kong mawalan ng pakelam at di magtanong, pero ikaw naman yung tanong ng tanong. Anuberr. X( #
  • 21:40 Ang tagal ng isang linggo para magdecide kung ano susunod na kabanata. #
  • 21:49 Sana pwedeng naka-auto filter ang mga desisyon pag di na kayang pag-isipan. Tch. =/ #
  • 22:01 Auto-filter, auto-sort, auto-pilot: wp.me/pywXS-iv #

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