First Day Low

Today’s the start of classes for most schools including UP. I remember being anxious yet excited always for the first day of school, mostly because of new notebooks and pens. There would be new people and new friends. But as there were the excited moments, sometimes we cannot help but dread this first day. I’m not schooling but today is a different and dreaded first day as well. It’s hard to accept that for a simple and harmless thing, or so at least you thought it was harmless since you know you’re not doing anything wrong, things can change, more so things can end. In a world where nothing is perfect and every corner that you go to have a bump to slow your fast-paced happiness, it’s harder to face that the biggest factor why you find yourself smiling and handling it all won’t be there anymore.

I felt like I’ve watched the Japanese series, One Liter of Tears for the main reason of shedding those one liter of tears but still feel there’s so much more to pour. Some people would find the situation just so-so in everyday life but at this point I just want to break down and cry because I know that’s all I can do as I try to accept that things would never be the same again. 😦

On a side note, it’s irritating how your tears reflect those feelings you keep denying over and over. Tch. And once you’ve cried, you know for a fact, it’s not “nothing”.


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