Moments are just moments

They say that love is lovelier the 2nd time around. Would that also apply for chance encounters? Am I stupid to hope that this time we could have a chance of what might be? Yeah, I guess I am. I thought I was the one in control this time, and that I would not get affected with whatever drama or complications there could be. Tsk. Why didn’t I listen to my own advice, that there are times when moments are just moments and should not be discussed the following day?? Rar.

Boys will be boys. But sometimes they can be like girls who wants to discuss whatever “moment” that has happened the day or two after. Tsk. I should refrain from talking about it again or it will be my heart on the line again. Hmm. Butterflies or elephants in my stomach again. Needless to say I WAS happy. I was or Tch maybe still am, giddy about it. Moments. Moments are just moments that happen at the nick of time. Spur of the moment incidents shouldn’t be considered serious. 😦 Sad to say and sad to conclude.

I am rambling. I am thinking. I am rambling. I am deciding what’s my fail-safe tool for this. What do I do to turn it around again? I’m not hoping for a happy ending this time, I just don’t want to get hurt. Will me walking away hurt me less or should he be the one to do so again? 😦 This is just crazy I know. Maybe I should just sing “blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol!”

@ Java Avenue

This space/area has a stigma: it’s where things start or get restarted. LOL. Imma figure this out. Moments can be just moments or may be something else. Who knows? As PJ kept on lecturing me about this, I should not keep on pushing or wishing for something that’s really not meant to be. Moments are just moments: something that has a great possibility of not happening again. People should not hold on to it for so long like they usually do. Sweet memories can sometimes just hurt you in the end. And this is not bitterness talking but reality. I did enjoy the night, the moment, everything there was to that. No point denying that. But as another week will start, another month will start next, there’s no use hoping to see a falling star and wish on it when the sun is brightly shining. 🙂


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