OB + Iron Man 2 = Family Time

I am Iron Man. The suit and I are one. ~ Tony Stark, Iron Man 2

Tony Spark was enough motivation for me to hurry around Makati and Glorietta to check whether we would make the earliest show time or not hihi.

I was on official business (OB) trip last Friday to document the MOA signing of our school and St. Luke’s Medical Center. Coincidently, the folks brought the whole gang to fetch Dad from the airport then would be enrolling Xylon to his new school. So naturally, their plan was to watch Iron Man 2 after, while mine was to do my best to make it to their movie time hahahaha. It was such an exhausting trip since it was almost the last day of campaign so it was pure traffic all over the metro, but we eventually got there. 🙂

@ St. Lukes

Thank God we  they finished on time so managed to be on time to meet up with everyone. I got confused with what school they were at so I got off at the wrong station but then decided not to ride the MRT since it was so jam-packed and I’m already suffocating just by looking at the time. Little girl here is not used to train commute in the city anymore. 😉 So anyway, I had to take two jeepney rides to get to Glorietta which was also a bit full that time since there were so many sales. *Big eyes* but empty wallet haha. While waiting for them I check the new tumblers at Starbucks since my officemates are asking me to buy one for them both. In the end, I bought one for me too (Doh) and a mother’s day present for Mom too.

Mom's new mug

We didn’t have time to take pictures while buying popcorn or around the theater area, well duh, my brothers wouldn’t want that anyway haha. As usual, our theater snacks then (aside from the free samples from Selecta’s new ice cream flavor which I already forgot, just something with coffee I think) were Dairy Queen’s Blizzard for us four plus 2 big bags of popcorn! NOM NOM NOM. I wasn’t able to finish my ice cream since I’m still full from the snacks at St. Luke’s so I let Mom finish the more than half of the 12 oz. Haha. 😀

The movie was nice, as expected. We were laughing all the while. It was just the right balance for a comic movie mix with enough humor and a bit of drama. I would have to say that the action part was not enough. Especially at the ending when the final fight scene was just “that.” We were all like, “tapos na? Yung na yon??” (Is it done? That’s it?). We would have preferred that Iron Man got beaten up more badly since there was Col. Rhodes with him there already. But still, I love the lines–quirky: straight serious yet funny. You would really have to give it to Robert Downey Jr., he got the serious looks and yet would be hilarious the next. 🙂 Scarlett Johansson was of course, a bomb. Okay so there goes my nonsense review wahahaha. I forgot the highlights that I like from the movie, all I know is that we all had a good laugh and we all loved it.

Col. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes: You look like two seals fighting over a grape.
Tony Stark: Hey get your own roof.
Col. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes: You get your own roof, I was here first.

We had dinner at SLEX after that since it’s getting late and the mall is almost closing. It’s during those dull times at the traffic, the walk around the mall looking for more food are the moments which I love best. I know it’s Jiro who’s always the butt of all jokes but it’s so fun that way hahaha. Bullies~ nahh we’re just having fun since it’s a rare occasion that we’re all together and they’re not talking about anything but Ragnarok, LOL. It’s a really a happy feeling to the heart that we’re all just having fun away from all our work and stress. 🙂

Pizza at Greenwhich, I forgot what flavor ;p

My lasagna plate

Hey, I got this one free from Metrobank’s rewards promo for every Php2,000 single receipt hihihi. 😀

Their part of the table 🙂

Our part 🙂

Family time ♥ ♥ ♥


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