Liliw Shopping again!

I went to Liliw, Laguna today for some shopping with my girls and Ezra. 🙂 Needless to say, it was fun fun fun! I was proud of me too, for not entirely going over the budget I had reserved for this trip this time hihi. Well, maybe a little because of the food pasalubong but I don’t count that since it’s not for me anyway. Most of us have already been to Liliw but no one was entirely sure of how to get there. I’m not a driver and is usually asleep on the road so all I can remember were the signs which tells me we were near. Hahaha. All I know was we took the Rizal-Nagcarlan-Liliw route before, which we also did today. But my mind stopped to where we ate Lunch (see previous Liliw post) which turned out to be still in Nagcarlan. Hahaha. Most used line during the road trip was “sabi ko sayo…” apparently, no one was wrong or no one claimed to be hahahaha. Pinoy nga naman! We’re used to getting lost and asking for directions anyway so it’s all good. We arrived there maybe around 4:30pm so it was just nice to stroll around the streets since the sun’s almost down already and it was actually a bit cool up there.

Finally got there!

I bought the usual stuff since that’s what you can see at every food stand there anyway: Uraro, Broas, Paborita (2 packs, Mom’s special request hehe), Chicharon (well, I know it’s not Liliw native but I had a sudden craving for it when I saw it haha) and the Herschel chocolates that we love. ❤

Food loot!

We started checking our the shoe stores altogether but then got separated eventually. I was with Aprille and Ging at first but then left them too since I was getting impatient with checking every shoe there is hahaha! But I bump along Carmi, Ez and Cams along the way and we just went together since they weren’t as critical as the two LOL. And as we were just like doing window shopping, we ended up food tripping! Hahaha. That’s the reason why I bought the chicharon anyway since we were getting hungry, that we also just sat down to drink Coke and Nestea. 😀 After resting a bit and filling our tummies we went back again to the stores that we saw something we liked.

Here’s my shoe haul this time:

Wedge for 300 again 🙂

It has a denim and black denim counterparts which I also love but then I know I couldn’t use them everyday so I just bought this color. They look cute on my feet too hihi. I bought these at the same store I bought my other wedge so I know I can get a discount again haha! They were selling it for Php350 again and I managed to get it for Php300 weeee~ Turns out that these were also the shoes Mom was eying at when they went there, the blue denim one though, but they don’t have it on her size since it was just newly made then. 🙂

Slip ons with 1inch heels for 220!

This one I bought just before the stores closes, which was around 6:30-7pm before we left. I was already looking also for some black formal shoes for work again but was undecided if I would buy one haha. In the end I decided I really should get a pair so I ended up selecting whatever “best” at the last store which was open. It’s still nice, though I would have preferred a more high-heeled one. 🙂 But still, it’s all good!

Last group shot before going home 🙂

I had fun, we all had fun and we all were happy with our Liliw shoe shopping trip! Shopping really is one heck of a de-stresser! 😀

Check out the pretty shoes, sandals, slippers, etc. at Liliw with half the prices you would see at the mall! 🙂


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