2 days down

2 days. We survived two days without the folks already hihi. Semi-big accomplishment since that’s with me going home late from work, feeding the dogs, letting them out, Jiro doing the laundry and us helping him hang the clothes and fold them after, etc. Quite simple tasks maybe from an adult point of view. But for me, it’s already tiring.

Parents are away for the week, leaving us four alone to feed and care for ourselves. Haha. That sounded like the boys are still babies. LOL. They said that Inay and Itay (our grandparents) don’t need to sleep over at our house while the folks our away. I whined because that meant I would have to wake up early to prepare my food in the morning, make sure that someone would be doing the dishes and make sure the dogs are fed. It’s a good thing at least that we all know how to cook and by the time I arrive home from work, we have dinner already. 🙂 There goes the realization again that even at our “financial level,” I mean we don’t have maids or anything and we just get by payday to payday, we’re still spoiled. We’re able to relax once we get home because Mom would be the one to prepare dinner and take care of stuff. Thought we all have our assigned works (in rotation that is), when we whine that we’re too tired to do it, Dad usually (often times annoyed) does the job for us, well usually that’s dishwashing LOL. Hahaha.

We may not have much but we’re still lucky. 🙂 Tina, my colleague, just said earlier that it looks like we have so much fun at home. I was telling her about Jiro whom when I just walked in at home yesterday, at almost 10pm, immediately asked me if I brought home ice cream. LOL. Apparently, the older brothers told him I’d be buying again haha.

Two more days to go. 🙂


2 thoughts on “2 days down

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