Tweet: May 2

Over Tweets today…

  • 00:32 Look what people searched to lead to my blog. LOOLOLLLL!! #
  • 10:46 Good morning world! It’s nice to wake up remembering your *good good* dream <3 #
  • 10:46 Off to Alabang today 🙂 #
  • 17:18 You can easily get sucked into someone’s emotional drama today… More for Cancer #
  • 19:26 I missed Festival Mall haha. Nice to see you again 🙂 #
  • 21:57 Week 51/52: “I call out to you but you can’t hear me, because I’m only crying out with my heart.” #
  • 22:44 Catching up on Flickr contacts is a bit tiring LOL :)) but I love them all. 😉 #
  • 23:01 Weeeee!!! Pasalubong! loljk ;p RT @ten_ac_ious yupi, tagal na since last na uwi. It’s a need. Hehe #
  • 23:02 You watched Iron Man? Gusto na agad umuwi ng friends ko di kami nakapanood. 😐 RT @pattylagera omg alabang! going there later :p #
  • 23:54 Alabang Lunch + Girly Shopping: #

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