I was just about to sleep now but this one really made me laugh out loud. I was looking through my blog statistics and saw this.

OMG. Wahahahaha. What in the world did a tag like this got a hit with my blog. Hrhrhrhr. I was telling my parents what I saw and I could barely make out the words since I was laughing. Well, this got my thinking as well since I might have indeed wrote something like this so I searched my blog (and no I didn’t erase the entry if ever I saw it LOL).

Seeeee?? There’s nothing here hahahaha. Well, since this happened. There would be already. Bahahhaa. Oh and what got me laughing some more is that I was telling this “amusing thing” to Carmi and she didn’t understand why I was laughing and what that word was. Ahahahaha. The innocence of having no brothers who would tease each other with every part of their bodies hahaha.

I know I have backlogs in my blogs, but not betlogs hahaha. Really LOLing. 😀

Good night!


Over Tweets today…

  • 07:01 Good morning Saturday! 🙂 Woke up to the tune of Lovely Day (You’re Beautiful) ❤ #
  • 17:09 You often err on the side of caution, but today you’re tempted… More for Cancer #
  • 22:38 E-radio portal #nowplaying LOL hahaha. Home Radio 🙂 #

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