Happy Birthday Itay!

Kookies and Kream

Today is my grandfather’s birthday. This was our initial KFC treat from him before going to mass haha because we also ate dinner there after church and the Krushers were just ordered and delivered when they arrived since it was so hot. 🙂 NOM NOM. Too bad I don’t have my camera with me earlier. Pochay was also with us but Ate Oni and Tito Eric has to go to the parlor so they couldn’t join.

Itay, as we fondly calls him with the reason why I forgot already lol, is already 75 years old today and still kicking. He sold his L300 van around 2 years ago I think and I know if he still has it, he’d still be driving around. He’s the ultimate Dad to Mommy since even now as long as she needs to do something, he’s the one running around doing stuff for us. 🙂 That’s one of the major benefits of having a really close family in one town–you’re never alone with your problems. 🙂

Tsk. I wasn’t ready to blog this as I don’t have any old pictures of us. Itay was the one who would pick us up from school before when Dad can’t make it. He would take us to his office at the Animal Science building in UPLB where we get to see different tools and equipments relating to animals and chemicals. I can still remember the smell of his office back then–smells of chemicals. For what, that I forgot already. I just know that it’s all white with long laboratory tables. Well, maybe that wasn’t really his office but that was were he always brings us to hang out whenever we’re there. There was also a time when he needed to be at a goat operation and we were there too. I think Iji was with me that time and we watched, with eyes half closed, the goat’s throat being cut open so that they can monitor what he was eating. Gross and poor goat.

I remember the time when I started hating grape juice. I was in nursery school (yellow palm) that time and it was grape juice which was served during recess and Itay was the one who picked me up from school, maybe I was already dizzy from the jeeney ride because all I can remember was barfing in his lap when the jeepney stopped at Bayan (I think). Hahaha. Gross again. Another thing my cousins and I would always remember is that, even though it was forbidden, Itay would always bring us Juicy fruit gums when he came home. He would give us assortment of the doublemints or he yellow ones. Or whatever candy he could find at the store along the road. 🙂 Needless to say, with Itay we were always spoiled. Well, that’s how it’s really supposed to be with all grandparents right? 😀

Anyway, there’s so much more memories to choose from and I wouldn’t be able to sleep blogging about them if I continue. 🙂 Inay was just telling us earlier that Itay almost got into an argument with someone in the jeepney they were riding the other day because the person badmouthed his candidate for mayor. Hahahaha. That’s what you call support! LOL.

We’re so lucky to still have both sets of grandparents. And I can’t really imagine losing them all… But for the times that we have now, I’m thankful each and everyday that we have them. Love like them always reflects unconditional love. ❤

LOL at Itay. During Mom&Dad's wedding party 🙂


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Itay!

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    • Yap nung lumipat sila Dwayne sa Trace kasi malapit na wala nang kelangan ihatid heheh. 😀 At uu malamang lang naihatid ka na non, lahat naman ata kayo nakasakay na don e =))

  2. Sana brinks, pag makauwi kami ng sabay sabay next time , bigyan natin sila ng parang Tribute para habang buhay pa sila masabi natin kung ganno sila kaimportante sa atin….sa buhay natin, di ba?

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