It’s not good bye Mitchy

Last merienda by the pool 🙂


Today is really Mitch’s last day in the office. She didn’t actually timed in anymore since she was just finishing her clearance. At some point I’m still dazed that this is really the last time we would get to go around the school with her; we didn’t even had lunch with her since she came in while we were already eating and just joined us but she ate already and many more.

I was always about to burst out crying ever since we knew that by next week she won’t be working with us anymore. Having graduated within the same year, having both been working for already three years, we basically have the same wavelength when it comes to life. She was the one in the office whom I can look at and we immediately understood “the look.” At first I didn’t expect we would be this close since she’s also the strong and aggressive type. But then as months, pressures, hardships and fun times passed, I realized we’re similar, but she’s more vocal and assertive than me since even as a whiny person as I am I can still keep my complaints to myself, while she can voice out what needs to be heard—that’s one of those things I admired about her. She’s the type who just commands people to listen without her telling them. 🙂

Mitch and Me goofing around the stage

"We chose to excel" pose

Mannie-Mitch-Tina-Me during our 1st event

I have always thought that aside from the pay, it’s your workmates/officemates who can make you suck up a crappy job, who can make you tolerate things who are already screaming about, who can make hard part in a job easier. I remembered last year when my former officemate from my last work, was told that it was also her last day and she’s just to do her turnover that day already. I wasn’t able to say anything that time since I just burst out crying. (Too emotional I am, huh? I know) This time, I haven’t cried even when I hugged Mitch before we part ways earlier. I feel that I would just loose the motivation to work if I think that one by one we would all be leaving that place. Sigh. 😦

Valentine's Week

I would miss my TweetDeck buddy, the person who I called on before during the times when Mr. Pineapple-head is driving my heart crazy, the one who always brings us dessert, the strong one among us four who isn’t afraid to tell us to shut up and stop whining and do what needs to be done. 😦 It has already been three months that I have been with them, and during those months, it’s enough for a real friendship to be formed.

Pizza date @ baker

During holy week Quezon trip

We survived the Kamy ni Hesus climb 🙂




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