Meaningful Beauty – Cindy Crawford review

I was looking for the Bench pore-stripper that I bought the other day since I can feel my nose needing one strip job lol. After giving up looking for it, I began searching for whatever face mask/facial masque I can use. Mom suggested this Cindy Crawford masque, having this for quite a while already but haven’t tried it since she might get an allergy. :-p This was given by my Aunt from Canada. 🙂

I like it. My skin is a combination of dry and oily so it’s really hard to like commercial products. I said the verdict would be the day after: if ever I’d get a pimple or not, I didn’t 🙂

Me, enjoying the masque for 20mins

My skin, even though it didn’t remove any white heads or whatever, felt so smooth and indeed rejuvenated after that 20 minute leave on. 😀


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