Lazy Blogger: Reason – You’re Beautiful

I haven’t blogged in a while again. Tsk. Should have blogged last week since I have much free time anyhow but hihi I have just been watching You’re Beautiful. *Sigh* ♥♥♥

The management company of the idol group A.N.JELL insisted on adding a new singer to the group as the lead vocal, Tae Kyung’s voice was hurting. However,the new member, Mi Nam, had to go to the States to repair a botched eye job just before signing the contract. His agent came up with the idea of having his twin sister, Mi Nyu,to stand in for him and pretend that she was her brother. The two of them grew up in an orphanage and Mi Nyu, who was all set to become a nun, agreed to this charade as she didn’t want to spoil Mi Nam’s chance of fame which would make it easier to look for their mother. ~Wikipedia~

I am so impatient right now to finish the series so even the synopsis has to wait muahahaha. Sigh. This has been the series that I have been akin to watch in straight succession (and not waiting for it to be shown in TV) next to It Started With A Kiss and They Kiss Again. 🙂

Carmi says it’s really not a drama series but I have found myself bawling every time Mi Nam cries. Haha. And also almost every time the soundtrack “Without Words” keeps playing hihihi.


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