Midweek Rant

Blogging before doing  trying to do any work, that is if my body can still keep up. I feel so exhausted. Funny though since I am in a relatively good mood all day long, yet I feel so wasted now and deflated. After who knows how long, it finally rained, thus, my good mood. Cold weather gives me instant boost. 🙂

We have been rushing to finish all admission letters for our early enrollment which calls for long hours staring at the PC doing clerical work. Ugh. That’s really a job that is not for me, I hate having to do just that all day. Then again, it’s still a rest from our previous weeks of nonstop running around the school. I guess it’s stressing me much because the internet was down most of the day and so are the two landlines in our office–which calls for a walk to the other building just to make a phone call, something I had been doing most of the day. Sigh. This Pacquiao fight is stressing me hrhrhrhr. I handled the contract signing then the collaterals too. Good thing our boss took the poster design from me. Thank you.

Thinking back what happened during the day, it’s all good actually. We were just laughing around despite being seriously busy with our encoding then the meeting in the afternoon. Even the meeting was just light too! But then I’m feeling so low. Maybe because I was suppose to go out with the boys tonight since I traded the girls for them last week 😦 but I cannot move around anymore since I’m so tired and I have to arrange the printing of the Pacman banners. 😦 I miss my boys.

I told Mitch that I got passed the Denial stage in the 5 stages of grief. Hrrhrhr. Now I’m in anger. Sigh. Grr.

5 Stages of Grief:
1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

I was skimming through January and February’s entries last night and read those pertaining to the recent ex and what I wanted after the break up. That made me think about the current situation along the lines of “nothing will change” or “wala sanang magbabago” Tch. Quoting myself 2 months ago, how can we pretend that nothing has change or should change when we both know something big already did. 😦

I know it’s all up to me to stop this nonsense (I am declaring it as nonsense since I don’t benefit from it) since he still drops by at some point during the day. Sigh. And I don’t want to have a Starfish book 2 scenario. Nooo. Sigh. Besides it was just a month for me or even less than since I’ve started really liking him around mid-February so it should be just easy. Unlike starfish before when it’s been months and we had real dates. But the difference I guess now is that I see him always. But I see starfish always before.. hmmm.. *comparison in my mind on going* Nah, the Starfish incident was way deeper and much more difficult since I can see them both. Here, I only get to see him. Thank God. Maybe I’m just irritated at myself on how I know what would be good for me but then when he calls, my voice drop down a pitch lower automatically…

Then again, maybe this is just because of the meds, which I don’t think is working. Rarr. Sometimes it’s such a hassle to be a girl during these parts of the month.

I should just sleep now. 🙂 Hopefully I get all giddy about the weather tomorrow. And all Pacman related work gets finalized tomorrow.


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