OB at Clark, Pampanga

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(Past tense mode) I went to Clark, Pampanga for a Business Planning congress last Thursday. Spur of the moment thingie I think, since my boss just called me about it late in the evening, saying that I would be going to Clark the following day. Excited as always every time there’s an official business outside the office haha. 😀 I was just told to dress in strictly business formal, in a suit. The ride going there was tiring since it was hot and my seat ain’t that comfortable but it was still good since we had lunch at Burger King. Nyahaha, my mood can easily be affected by food, sorry. Then after our brunch, we headed to DUTY FREEEEEE! Yahoo yahoo! Hahaha. Since it was too early to go there and they’re still having lunch, Dean Urdelas showed me around Clark first and we went to two Duty Free shops. We were suppose to go to the others but the conference did not end early. Sad. (Will blog about my haul next)

The stage

I like how colorful the place is. Their theme is very carnival and colorful; with the explanation that this is innovating for tomorrow’s business and that the mindset should not be contemporary but business thinking outside the box. It was a student congress of Our Lady of Fatima University. I was there to observe the place, how they go about the event and assess probably on how we can do something like that in the future.

Dean Urdelas

Our dean of the College of Business and Management was one of the judges for the event. This was while we were waiting for it to start that even if we had tried to be a little late since we went shopping first, the program didn’t start for like around 30 more minutes. The VIP table have these masks as souvenirs. Yes, I was at the VIP table, too. Muhahaa. 😉

Bokeh from my mask

Playing with my mask. Bokeh bokeh blurs. Hihihi.

Wine Toasting

They had wine toasting to open the event. I didn’t like the wine though, hrhrhr.

Really creamy and cheesy Carbonara

But, but, but I love the Carbonara! We just had our lunch when they served this so I wasn’t able to eat the whole thing. Plus, the serving is so big! But still, it was so yummy. Super creamy and cheesy!

Me and my coat

Okay, it’s me time. These days I tend to forget to take my own pic, surprisingly. It felt nice to wear my coat again, brings back China memories. The last time I wore this was during F&L’s conference in China last 2008. Tsk…but no, I am not missing my old office. I just miss the clients prolly. Not a really good angle, tch. My face looks so big and round.


Seriously needing coffee by the time all the speakers were done and they were just having something sort of an open forum. In all fairness, I enjoyed listening to all those business talks. Though it doesn’t make me want to put up a business but it makes me want to marry a businessman. Hahahaha. One of the speakers was Mr. Dennis Cunanan of the country’s Technology Resource Center. Inspiring, again not to put up a business but to meet someone like him, with that drive and passion to make not only one’s life better but even the whole country. Campaign? LOL. Seriously. He talks real good.


Masking my boredom

Just some of my boredom shots. I already placed the camera at the table and set it on a 2-second timer to release some of my boredom and drowsiness. But even if there was coffee, it just took one voice to wake up again. Tch. Officemates kept on checking up on me whether I was already on my way home since they’re all ready to go home that time.


We left the place around almost 8pm I think? We had dinner first at McDo in San Fernando before starting our thankfully only three-hour ride back home. Nothing beats love life related talks to wake you up along the stretch of Cubao to SLEX  (since I slept until we got out of NLEX). It was nice even if I punched out the next day already and was too sleepy the following day. 🙂


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