Quality Time

Yesterday’s post πŸ™‚

I have been sick for a few days now. Tummy issues. Tch. Doctor haven’t concluded yet what’s wrong with me: whether it’s food poisoning or something to do with Acid reflux (Mom’s diagnosis lol) or gas and indigestion stuff (mine’s haha). Sigh.

Max's dessert

I had fun though with babysitting the little bros while parents are out with Xylon to check his new school and have his exams and orientation. I was left with the boys as early as 12 since we arrived there before lunch. As there were not much choices in Glorietta for movies, we decided to watch Legion which was scheduled at 1:50pm. Jiro and I managed to convince Dwayne to just hang around Timezone until then. I reloaded all our Powercards with 100 each but within 20minutes all credits were gone haha. Just wow. 300 in 20 minutes! So we unanimously agreed to just go ahead and watch whatever movie is showing next. We bought some DQs and Pringles to munch inside the theater. πŸ™‚

We ended up with Solomon Kane, starring Hugh Jackman. It’s about a warrior back in the 16th century I think (since I’m too lazy to google the real synopsis hrhr) who was the best there is, but as he renounced his violent ways of living and as he keeps having nightmares about the devil claiming his soul, he begins his road to redemption and met with a family with whom he was fated to save. Eventually, he beat the devil and saved the girl. Action-packed with dark magic and lotsa sword fighting.

After the movie, parents and Lon aren’t still done with the school. That only meant one thing: more gastos. Haha. We had our merienda at Burger King plus Goldilocks then checked some possible clothes that they would be wearing for the wedding. We agreed to watch the 4pm showing of Legion if they’re still not back by then but Mom called and said they’re almost done…almost turned to “almost an hour after” hrhrhr. Boys had Starbucks since I can’t because of my weird tummy issues. Tch. 😦

It was a fun time with them. We never get to hang out anymore except during these times and usually it’s Timezone and movies haha. πŸ™‚

Magastos na araw with lil bros

I met up with Carmi, Ckloy and Karrie after Mom got the boys off my hands and shop for them πŸ˜€




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