My Sister’s Keeper

Semi-reviews and spoilers.

I just cried bawled over My Sister’s Keeper earlier. Starring Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin, Sofia Vassilieva, etc. It’s about a family having a daughter with Leukemia (Kate) and in order to save her they had conceived by means of in vitro fertilization another daughter (Anna) who would be 100%  a match for the dying daughter. Unexpected turn of faith or fate happens when Anna refuses to give away her kidney and sues her parents for medical emancipation and the rights to her own body.

My Sister’s Keeper

I love the approach of having the story go through each family member’s perspective. It was touching and too sweet, especially Kate’s memories of what happened through out her battle. I can’t pinpoint or list down exactly the parts when I started crying because they were far too many. I would easily cry over family movies anytime.

Sara and Kate

However, as the story unfolds it’s shown that Anna wasn’t really a bad sister or daughter who refuses to save her sister’s life but was just granting Kate’s last wish–letting her die. If Anna stops being a donor to Kate and refuse to give up her kidney then Kate would eventually die since hers are not functioning anymore. All was revealed during the hearing when Jessie, the brother, forced the truth out of Anna. Their Mom, played by Cameron, just needed to accept the fact that Kate is dying and let her go. The story itself presented one with several issues on how far a mother will go to help her child, whether it be ethical, moral or medical issues, it shows that a mother would be willing to go through it all and almost gives up her own life in the process of saving her child.

Only one who has an iron heart would not be crying or at least touched when Kate was telling her mom to sit at the window seat of the bus this time so she can see Kate off when she goes. And that was also the night Kate died. It was just too sad.

I also like the movie’s soundtrack. It was the first time I heard “Feels Like Home” again after a long time. It was a Dawson’s Creek soundtrack from before. Oh, Thomas Dekker is one heck of a cancer patient hottie, too. He was Kate’s boyfriend who died after prom, after they did “it.”

Taylor and Kate

All in all, I love the movie; how simple the story was presented and the flow. It’s something you would want to watch if you want to get in touch with your emotions regarding family life–what you are willing to give and give up. 🙂


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