Tired but nice

I was supposed to take a picture of my checklist for the requirements I needed for the application/acceptance, but was too tired to do so now. Accomplished lotsa stuff today, all clearances: NBI, Barangay and Police, requested and stamped. NBI clearance to arrive by next year. Hrhrhr. Too lazy to go to the main office and stay there all day to get it within the day too, besides it’s such a waste of time. Medical certificate and x-ray results received too!

Tomorrow, I shall get that PhilHealth MDR or whatever that is.

There are just some instances when we couldn’t help smiling. Just one line is still enough to make me smile for how many hours. Sigh. Should not be like this. But..but.. As my Wonderwall pointed it out, wala ka magagawa, mahal mo pa eh. Tsk. 🙂 Who cares, as long as I’m happy; nobody gets to take that feeling away.

Even the distant ex bugging to meet up is not something I would be grumpy about. I hate it when he makes me smile like this. *Shakes head* why couldn’t we been born in different years. If only he was born first, then things would have been great.. I think…

This is for now. Too tired and weary to think about other things I want to blog. And hopefully, get to see Alex tomorrow! Weee, they’re coming over for some business stuff hihi.

I’m just searching for movies to watch for next year. 🙂 Good night.


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