I forgot to blog on the 23rd

Buhuhuh I had this opened almost the whole afternoon, deciding what to blog about. Then…. I totally forgot to type any. 😦

Anyway, I was almost out most of the day: X-ray, grocery, dinner then coffee with Aprille. Girl talk finally! Hahaha. I have just been with my guy friends ever since the break up happened and girl talk only comes through YM. It’s all good. 🙂 I’m kinda sleepy since it’s already 3am here and again don’t want to go to details with all the exes talk.

I had a few texts with the boyfriend about letting go earlier, which again he did not tell me directly when I was asking him too. Sigh. Boys. But I don’t have a heavy heart, surprisingly. And I’ve decided not to force myself to cry just to tell myself it’s time to let go. Yeah, I know that’s more than stupid, but I have this mentality that if I don’t cry now I won’t really be able to move on. LOL.

I tried to shoot shot this week’s self-portrait with the Christmas lights and I would say it is not that easy if your digicam is not that a fan of low light photography. Sigh. All I got was blazing red lights from the screen and me looking like in hell, fiery. Thus, most shots resulted to Sepia mode. 😦 Well, at least I got some bokehs. Hihi.

So there goes my fairy lights. Good night.


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