Not A Morning Person

I woke up today an hour late and wasn’t able to attend Simbang Gabi. Crap. Shit. Sigh. I hate mornings like this; I did not even hear my alarm, first time in a long time. And there it goes, I woke up with his text saying his orgmates were mad at him for what he did to me. Oh well.

For the past several months, I was a happy-morning-person–because he was. He’s the type who wakes up early and not be grumpy about it. I was the opposite, but waking up with his cheery good mornings day after day made me a psuedo-morning person, well, until the good times at least. There I found the post in Facebook that I was looking for: Life Line ~ Timeline. It was I think one of the first mornings that I realized I was too giddy and smiley when I wake up, which resulted to this photo a month after:


Week 18/52: Pickled Radishes Can't Become Crabs

Morning Secrets

I miss those times so much, when we were simply happy as friends. Sigh.I guess this is my “moping” mechanism, I have not cried about what happened, not that I need to but it’s one of those questions my girl friends were asking me after taking in the scenario.

I shall end this morning post because I could just go on and on about what was before. Hmm. At least, blogging is healthier than drowning myself in alcohol because of this. Hrhrhr.


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