LOL. This was soo days ago. Was too lazy to type it thus I kept writing on the paper for the succeeding entries. Grr..

July 5, 2009

Gwarsh. My face is hurting! Having sinus headaches since I woke up! My gums are hurting too. Kuya Barry said something about them hurting with sinusitis but never got to see his reply to my plurk. Garr.. Cheeks aching. Head aching.

I finished reading Cecilia Ahern’s Thank you for the memories. So nice, made me teary at the end. Will write a review tomorrow or the next day or the next. lol. I’m thinking of random me stuff. Hmmm.. should post the note from Facebook here too.

I’m waiting for Sinutab to drive me sleepy as I am not. Just thinking of other SPs to do before my birthday. I realized that maybe I should just go with it. That I will find a job for me in God’s time. After he selected it. It’s now 10days before I turn 24. OMG. Almost a quarter of my life has passed. What I done with it? Have I been truly happy? I rserve those answers for next week ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m becoming sleepy now. I remember what Cliff said yesterday in the midst of me bring stupid and emotional: “hindi ka makakahanap ng matinog, kung hindi ka din matino maghanap.” Maybe that’s why I magnet super young guys or meet the people which are so wrong for me….


And as I am typing this now. I realized how random my thoughts were then. Hahaha. Must be really sleepy then. :p


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