What made me smile

June 18, 2009

I have decided to try hard to blog everyday or every other day. Even if it means I write first on paper since I don’t feel like typing write now. Hiihii. Will also try to do a daily what made me smile list to remind me that despite the crappiness life entails, I’m still happy. 🙂

1. I finished and submitted two articles for a possible job. One about me and kup and the other about some friends’ rants and my own. Having done those someone I felt I did something productive. Lol at my productivity level.

2. Was talking to Mine the whole day. LOL at our new form of endearment. Sweet. Makes me remember the segulls from finding Nemo who were always screaming “mineminemineminemineminee.” For now, this is my make-believe love story. LOL. Something I can’t actually be too smiley about….

3. Finally talked to “Hayden” with more than just a few lines. Hmmm.. still wondering if most of it was Ckloy though..but he seems innocent enough when I asked him.  LOL. Flirting ever moments. Harr.

4. At friendship level now with “Buzz” since he has a new girl target. LOL.

5. Online friends are growing. Makes me really happy that I’m meeting different wonderful people in Flickr. Karrie makes me smile with her meanness haha. Girls really becomes gaga over love talks.

Today wasn’t that bad. 🙂 Oh it’s holiday tomorrow for them. A normal day for me. LOL.

Gah. I just realize I’ve been using LOL suddenly so frequently these past days. ;p LOL. Haha.


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