Old About Me Page

Saving my old “About Me Page” published on June 2009.

(I think one way or another I should update this after around a year of having this blog.) Around a year ago, I said that by the time I turn 25, this blog should already be a dot com blog because of the *many* updates I had made. But LOL and behold, all the updates that can be found daily here are my Twitter updates.

Discombobulated (:confused) and scintillating (:brilliantly lively, stimulating) are among the “hard words” we had to memorize back in our subject during one of our Journ subjects. From then on, they had stuck in me and will always have this fondness over complicated and weird sounding words.

Random stuff:

Trigger-Happy. I am a photographer without her own dSLR and who has forgotten how to use her SLR. I get by with my Cybershot who’s already screaming to retire. I finished a 52-week of self-portrait project in Flickr here. I have yet to start another this year, when? Wait for it. 🙂

Opinionated. In contrast to staying quiet and timid when I was in grade school, I am now bubbly and can easily give my own honest opinion most of the time.

Lost in space. I tend to space out whenever I’m overloaded with my thoughts; and as much as I love talking, I love to shut up and listen.

Internet addict. Though not as much as before, but I can stay online all day if I can and still have not totally catch up on my *online life*. Tumblr. Twitter. Plurk.

Coffeeholic. I need to remove my thinking that if I haven’t drank coffee then I can’t seriously work yet. Oh, my forever instant coffee brand is NESCAFÉ 3in1 Sweet ‘n Creamy.

Graphic Designer.  Or at least an aspiring one. Hrhrhr. I never thought I’d designs and artworks would in included in my job responsibilities. I can’t live without Photoshop!

Shoppaholic. I deliberately leave my credit cards at home so that I wouldn’t have to spend in excess. Hrhr. It’s hard though.

Loves make up and other beauty products even if I don’t know how to use them. LOL.

Loves watching movies. But I usually just wait for them to come out in DVDs instead of watching them in the big screen, unless it’s a big deal. Brothers and I would always have this before going inside the theater: 12oz Dairy Queen Blizzard, a bucket of cheese popcorn and water.

Picky [Pihikan]. I don’t like strawberries, ice tea, anything with coconut and most of the vegetables in the dish Pinakbet. I LOVE POTATOES: mash, fried, boiled, name it, I eat it.

My friends are seriously the siblings God intentionally forgot to give me so that we don’t have to argue that much and have the awesomest times together even through crappy periods.

Brinks is a Marketing Executive turned graphic designer who loves to spoil her little brothers a little too much, a hopeful romantic who would always go giddy over sappy love stories, a Development Communication graduate with a major in Educational Comm. but never did she entertain the thought of becoming a teacher, and an overall happy and giggly person.


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